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Benches all sold onto bigger things


Graduate Member
May 18, 2018
Nr Blandford Forum. Dorset. UK
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All of the benches I made sold (as our friend Mr Woody stated "Like Hotcakes" :beer: ) so onto BIGGER things.

Picnic Benches :noway1:

ALL Recycled timber (like the benches) and had enough to make two of them...
2024-04-15 12.41.40.jpg 2024-04-15 17.25.58.jpg
Both made over a weekend, though staining took far longer.
Delivered them this weekend and they are so happy with them been asked to make a further SIX :shocking::shocking:

So the two delivered are for the staff at a local company, delivered and made up where they wanted them....
2024-05-10 10.35.37.jpg

So have 6 more to make (they are delivering the wood this week) and also a Pergola to make (3mt Deep x 8mt Long) never made one of those before so that's going to be an interesting challenge :praying:
Really enjoying making some "Big" stuff for a change :thumbs: