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Emcostar refurb


Grand Master
Aug 17, 2013
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That's an old post which brings back memories.
I ended up with 5 machines collected from all over our island and managed to build 2 complete sets.

I had to let the whole lot go due to a forced downsize, I sold for silly money my complete workshops, wood store and spares shed, one person got the lot in 4 van loads never to be seen or heard from again.

From memory the best advise I can give is to more than regularly maintain your kit paying attention to dust buildup, be careful where you place any oils or greases. Wood dust is abrasive and does wear the parts quicker than without it, the carcass is alloy castings so that also needs care.

The motor spindle is the same thread as angle grinder (I think 14mm) useful for many things I made some adapters to screw on to it for my wood chucks (5/8" x 16 tpi) using a pipe / conduit die.

I made a set of extended bed tubes 20mm stainless steel 2metres long which would slide back and forth for bigger tables to on.

The machine lends itself to many adaptations and is very capable if used sensibly, good luck with your project, I hope I have given food for thought?