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  1. yorkshireman

    Lighthouse in spalted beech

    First time on the lathe for a couple of years. I found a piece of spalted beech and knocked this out. It took a couple of days as the arthritis is getting to me now but it was worth it I think.
  2. alan morrison

    Take two

    This is my second try at a blank that I wasnt happy with and had posted a couple of days ago. I think that the thinner divider works better.
  3. wm460

    Password Managers

    One of my friends got his email hacked and he was advised to get a password manager, See following cut and paste. Here's an open source password manager option: 1) Download KeePass 2) Remember ONE 12+ character long password to access your database 3) Auto generate passwords with longchain...
  4. ValleyBoy

    Hex Amber

    Hi all I’ve been away from here for a little while, but thought I’d share my latest offering(s). I bit the bullet and finally acquired a vertical mill recently and, after a little bit of prototyping, came up with a hexagonal pen that I’m happy with. For those interested I achieved the shape...
  5. Padster

    Tea for three..

    Well you may recognise one of these as it was posted before - but there is a saying about the power of three so I made a couple more to sort of create a set... Regards Padster
  6. F

    A few of my Pens

    Hi guys this is a couple of the pens i have made hope you like
  7. B

    3D printed / Resin blanks

    A couple more prototypes. I've turned one of the silver stripey ones and it went to a new home before I even took a pic. But I will make more!
  8. flexi

    More Olive

    Hi All, These are 3 more Cypriot Olive blanks harvested 300+ years ago.... These were really dry, so they had a little soak in warm oil and left a couple of weeks. I don't know if it did any good, but it certainly hasn't hurt them and I do like the results
  9. apw43

    Couple of pens turned

    Had a bit of time today so I went to dad's and turned and finished a pen, whilst he watched, I then set one up for him and left it to him and went home. He cme over a couple hours later with his finished pen, he's 82 and it's only his second pen ever
  10. mkenny28

    Kids Gifts

    Been asked to make "something" for end of school term for teachers to gift to the school kids. But not pens/pencils or spinning tops. Anyone got any ideas that would obviously be cheap n easy to make n would only cost a couple quid
  11. Phil Dart

    Storm Eunice

    Phew. That was lucky! Another foot to the left and we'd have had a roof to mend. As it turned out, just a bit of guttering and a couple of slates.
  12. Padster

    A couple more penlights...

    After the first couple, wife and daughter requested one each, wife chose Camo, the Pearl chosen by daughter. Regards Padster
  13. Neil Lawton


    Finally managed to find time between teaching to make the box for the Croak pens I made a couple of weeks ago!
  14. Neil Lawton


    A couple of TM Hera pens in Tamarisk.
  15. Neil Lawton

    Lucombe Oak

    A couple of Omega rollerballs for the couple who gave me the wood. It was grown from an acorn from a Lucombe Oak, on Lucombe Avenue, in the Retirement village Hartrigg Oaks In York.
  16. alan morrison

    Scroll sawn presents

    Some doodling on the scroll saw which will be presents for a couple of horticultural friends.
  17. C

    A couple Regals.

    Marla has been working a lot and asked me to turn a couple pens for her friends. How could I say no? A Chrome Regal from William Wood-write, unfortunately no longer available. They are sold under the name Zoe in the US. I don't know what they would be called if available in other countries. The...
  18. wm460

    For Alan.

    Here you go Alan, Had a tidy up while I was waiting for some intersate visitors, thought I take a couple of piccies for you. Garanteed when I move from it will be somewhere they get a lot more rain than we do.
  19. Geoff Kent

    Another Etesia

    Hi all,another Etesia,this time in Olive.C&C's welcome.I really like this kit,having quite large mitts I find it a little on the short side.Absolutely fine for those with smaller hands.I have another couple to make up,I am going to work on a mod to make them 15-20mm longer.Will post them when...
  20. Bucks

    Black/White Pinstripe

    TM Omega Fountain & Rollerball Pens turned from a couple of our Black/White Pinstripe blanks.