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  1. Dalboy

    Excavator complete

    Well that is another project complete just needs the great grandson to return home from his holiday with his mum and dad.
  2. flexi

    Belmont 22

    Hi All, My annual trip to Woodfest at Belmont in Kent. Its great how a small stately home can put on a festival of wood and wood crafts. It's been steadily growing and they nearly filled the carpark today by mid morning. It's also my chance to catch up with our Derek from on here(@Dalboy) who is...
  3. B

    3D printed / Resin blanks

    A couple more prototypes. I've turned one of the silver stripey ones and it went to a new home before I even took a pic. But I will make more!
  4. TVS

    Coin commemorating the peoples war and pen stand

    Made this today a coin set (but not fixed so it can be reversed if wanted) in a pen stand commemorating the peoples War which you don’t hear a lot about set in the time of the glitz when children were shipped out of places like London and the Mums stood on the train platform with heavy hearts...
  5. apw43

    Couple of pens turned

    Had a bit of time today so I went to dad's and turned and finished a pen, whilst he watched, I then set one up for him and left it to him and went home. He cme over a couple hours later with his finished pen, he's 82 and it's only his second pen ever
  6. TonyMilner

    Japanese fountain pen maker

    I'm sure many have seen this on YouTube but I've just found it - just love his home made tools & tool rest + the unusual pen lathe Masters of the Fountain Pen:Harumi Tanaka(Hakase Fountain Pe - YouTube
  7. Phil Dart

    Changing the name but not the game

    I'm going to re-name Pen of the Week forum and call it Cover Photo Choice Periodically we get to admire all the pens that have been made over the last several days, all in one place, and currently we vote for our favourite. That's not going to change, but I want to move the emphasis away from...
  8. Neil Lawton


    We spent last week in Scotland on a holiday deferred from last May. We stayed near Fort William for most of the week so took a trip down to see our friends John and Jenni on the Movern peninsula opposite Mull. John gave me a bit of wood to take home. I managed to cut the Spalted Beech today and...
  9. flexi

    Spalted Ash

    Hi all, just a quick spalted Ash fountain pen, didn't even get to take this one home..... Sold straight off the lathe
  10. Pierre

    yet more ooops

    Day 96 of Quarantine. Bin collection tomorrow, preparing to take out the rubbish. So excited I can’t decide what to wear. ------------------------- Don't know what's going on, but I took my bin out about 8pm tonight and the whole street started clapping, which was nice...
  11. wm460

    Other Things I Done.

    As some of you know I like cute cuddly creatures. In my many trip up to Darwin and down to Alice Springs to see various quacks, We have been picking up various things to make the feel at home. This was their home, excuse my finger. To this.
  12. Phil Dart

    Can anyone help identify this?

    I recently moved, and acquired this beast into the bargain. As you can see, it's bristling with all the latest health and safety attachments. I can't seem to find out anything about it though, and the manufacturer's plate that would have been riveted to the side is missing, which isn't helpful...
  13. Pierre

    Party time

    A man left for work one Friday afternoon. But it was payday, so instead of going home, he stayed out the entire weekend partying with the boys and spending his entire pay check. When he finally appeared at home on Sunday night, he was confronted by his angry wife and was barraged for nearly two...
  14. angelo49

    My mix resin

    Made these a while back with my own home brew.
  15. C

    Thanks Bill Mooney

    Today I had the pleasure of meeting Bill Mooney, who via this forum offered to share some of his wisdom with me. I made the trip to his home and spent nearly four hours in his company. Bill covered all the areas needed to turn. Which are the best tools for different jobs, how to sharpen them...
  16. wm460

    Home at Last.

    Home at last, went to Alice to pick up my new toy on Saturday, came home yesterday the slowest drive that I have ever had between here and Alice. Taken near the Barrow Ck pub. Can you see Peter any where in the photo? This morning I started to dismantle her to get her off the trailer a...
  17. M

    Home made pen press.

    Just thought I would share this with you. My home made pen press.
  18. 21William

    Finger chopper

    Saw this on a website, probably the most dangerous thing I’ve seen someone do on a lathe. Home made Cole jaw extensions. Extending using plywood panels would have been safer. There are some right idiots out there.
  19. Dalboy

    Not much being made

    I would like to say that I have not been very active over the last week, in the shed that is. This is due to having my dear mum in hospital she is 94. The good news is she has now been let home today and sounds very upbeat. So I now need to get back into the shed and complete my latest project.
  20. webby962

    Hybrid (home cast) Zeta

    The last of my home made hybrid blanks using Stabalised Poplar Burl and Opticast 100. Adie