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  1. Penpal


    On the net late one night and a kind man from NZ answered and I asked him to make me two of his creation blanks. So glad I did. :thumbs::thumbs::thumbs:
  2. TVS

    Made 10 streamline pens

    Made these this morning half of an order make the otherhalf tomorrow
  3. W


    its cooled off enough for me to get some shed time...found some of this (no idea what it is). thought it looked ok so had a go to see what it would look like polished up...seems to be red one side and blonde the other...i quite like it so will make up a slimline and see what happens...i think...
  4. Neil Lawton

    Pen and Pencil

    Mistral Rollerball and Pencil set, just need to make the presentation box now!
  5. W

    test piece

    this is a bit of some pine ( cant remember its name ) leaf...i liberated it from corfu. thought id have a bash to see what it looked like and i think its quite cool, although the introduction of some colour may improve it..anyway, i think ill play with it for a bit before i go all out and make...
  6. B


    For the last couple of years I've been 3D printing things I could pour silicone into to make "tube in" pen blank moulds. I've got so many now that they're a pain in the posterior to keep track of which is which. I was grumbling about this to the missus and she said, why not put the name of the...
  7. wm460

    Another One Finished

    Earlier this year I came across this under one of my benches. I started to make this one on my first lathe, I am guessing in the early 2000s I gave it to a mate, who is very partial of a beer, who would probably put Andy Capp to shame.
  8. B

    3D printed / Resin blanks

    A couple more prototypes. I've turned one of the silver stripey ones and it went to a new home before I even took a pic. But I will make more!
  9. flexi

    Last minute dot com

    Hi all, The school I work at has a combined cadet force CCF, for which I know I am lucky. They had there range days and one person got their Marksman award which in 8 years is a first. They would like to make a presentation this afternoon so I got the request yesterday to make a bullet pen...
  10. W

    a sad request

    hi all, we recently lost a much loved family pet and i was asked by my wife if i could make something in remembrance.. i was thinking about casting his collar with a picture and maybe some fur into resin to make a bowl or something.. do you think this is do-able.. i wont be posting much in the...
  11. TVS

    segmented pens

    I'm not alowed in me workshop had a heart attack scare the other day ended up being carted of to hospital so I have been rearranging me old photos and thought some of may like to see the sort of thing I used to make these took a long time to make and drilling took forever because of heat build...
  12. silver

    Beechwood set

    Sierra Pen and Letter opener set. In Beechwood, finished with Melamine. I have yet to decide what box to make for this, Thinking of spalted beech. :thinks:
  13. TVS

    Some old PSI KITS

    Made these up the kits has stepped tubes you need 4 different size drill to make them
  14. Garno

    Love 'em or Loathe 'em

    Love 'em or loathe 'em jigs play such an important role in our pen making lives. They have one thing to do and that is to make a particular chosen task easier to do. Jigs are becoming more and more commercialised these days and companies pit their jigs against each other to win the lions share...
  15. Geoff Kent

    Pens from split cane.

    Good afternoon all, Its been a while since I posted anything although I have been busy at the lathe. I thought you would like to see two pens I have just made out of split cane from an old knackered fishing rod.What is split cane I hear you ask.To make a rod from split cane is a long and skilful...
  16. Garno

    New lathe anyone?

    Not only can you make yourself a new lathe but you can have it as a variable speed as well :whistling: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TeZcLfWv5KE
  17. mkenny28

    Kids Gifts

    Been asked to make "something" for end of school term for teachers to gift to the school kids. But not pens/pencils or spinning tops. Anyone got any ideas that would obviously be cheap n easy to make n would only cost a couple quid
  18. TVS

    Segmented pens

    With this design you have to make two blanks at a time
  19. Phil Dart

    Ukraine pen - yes I turned a pen

    Here's a pen I turned from one of the Ukraine fundraiser blanks. It took me about 4 times as long to make as they ever used to, but I did manage not cock it up.:banana:
  20. W

    at last

    its warm enough to venture into the shed..segmented slimline ( sort of ), made with a beaufort Ukraine blank...ill have a go at the other one tomorrow think ill make a center band for it